TRADINGEDGE intraday scalper is a combination of indicators and observations coded into one tool for intraday scalping, which displays possible trade ENTRIES as arrows on the chart.

The system has been developed for those traders who do not have their own trading system and who would like to quickly start trading using the intraday scalping system. This type of trading means that several trades can be opened during a trading day.

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It covers basic of the stock trading, Rules of trading. Even if you are a beginner...

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Commodity Market is the most important part of Financial Market and this market...

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ADVANCED INTRADAY SCALPING COURSE is designed to make you understand...

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NIFTY INDEX - Symmetrical Triangle Pattern in 30mins chart - 1st July '20 View


#NIFTY is trading in a 200 points range since last week & has formed a symmetrical triangle pattern in a 30mins chart.

RSI has taken support from 40-level, yet in a bearish trend .
TT2 Tools are Bullish in 30mins and Daily.

If the price breaks-out of the triangle pattern and moves above 10410, the next resistance is 10550.

If the price breaks-down and falls below 10190, the next support is 10150/10000 on a 30mins chart.


***in case of GAP opening, the given levels become invalid.
***this is my personal view. Please take advice from your financial advisor before investing.